Liston's HTML References


* Hypertext Style Guides

* Some Items are Guides, Some are Links to Lists of Guides

* HTML: The Basics

* HTML: Beyond the Basics

* Advanced HTML: Databases, CGI, Imagemaps

* HTML Editors

* Lists of Editors

* HTML: Graphics, Icons, Backgrounds and Such

Remember, while icons, bullets and backgrounds can be fun to use, each slows down the loading of your page and using them without following a plan can produce one UGLY page!

* Icons, Gifs, Jpegs

* Backgrounds, Background Colors

* HTML Validity Checkers

Using a validation checker will insure that your page is following all the rules. This is not a neccessity, however, it will help insure that multiple browsers (other than Netscape) can view your page.
Liston Bias,
Created: 04 June 1996