Liston Bias's Linux Bookmarks

Linux BootDisk Information/Files

Cramdisk 4MB & 8MB - Network Bootdisk
Cramdisk 2.02 16MB - Network Bootdisk w/XDM
3COM Drivers
NTFS Read-Only Support

Linux Material

  • Linux Documentation Project! - How To's
  • Linuxhq a good linux site.
  • Linus's kernel tree
  • Yahoo - Computers and Internet:Operating Systems:Unix:Linux
  • tsx-11 A good linux site.
  • Slakware and other stuff at
  • Sunsite's Linux archive mirror and more
  • Linux-info

    Directory of /pub/users/mec/kcs/v2.1
    Linux v2 Information
    Linux Software Map (LSM)
    Eckes' net-tools Page
    Using GNU Libc 2 with Linux
    IP Next Generation Overview


    Linux Applications and Utilities Page
    Corel WordPerfect for Linux
    The Linux Midi + Sound Main Page's Ask the Java Pro - Welcome!
    The NCSA HTTPd Home Page
    FVWM Information
    FVWM Title-bar Patch
    Linux PCMCIA Information
    Slackware Rootdisks
    Java-Linux Mirrors

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